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CNC Laser Cutting Equipment

Thanks for the outstanding effort at Astro-Tek, including Source QC, in getting the Antenna Test Hat completed and shipped in time to support our GPS III program schedules at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. By the way, it arrived in good condition, clean and dry, despite going through numerous storms along the way. None of the absorbers came unbounded. Thanks for putting the cardboard under the unbounded 72” absorbers to help support them and to protect the ones on the floor below them. That was a thoughtful touch. The two loose 72” absorbers were pointing a little downhill and resting on that cardboard, so it was very nice that it was there.

Mike Nolan, Lockheed Martin

I wanted to thank Astro-Tek on behalf of Coast Composites and our customer, Airbus, for helping us complete the A350 XWB center wing box tool on-schedule.  This tool starts the build of the aircraft and is considered critical path.  We knew we had a very challenging fabrication schedule, one that didn’t have any cushion or room for error.  You not only met your promised deliveries, but the quality of your work was exceptional as well.

Paul Walsh, Coast Composites

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